Sunday, July 14, 2019


So, they passed up black male actor Idris Elba?? He must be rolling over in his grave (because this news has killed him! Hahaha.) And come to think of it -they passed up HALLE BERRY!!! Oh, man. Can you picture Halle as Agent 007!? Man. Oh well. Let's hope this relatively new actress, Lashana Lynch, doesn't let us down! But I got to tell you I don't think anyone saw this coming. But I do like it, I mean, it's like a real spy agency. The one they pick may not be the one everyone thinks it should be. But the person 'most qualified' for the coveted LICENSE TO KILL.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Take A Look -You Won't Regret It

While posting about what a great actor Benicio Del Toro is I thought about one of my favorite horror movies of all time -'The Skin I Live In'. If you haven't seen this terrific psychological horror movie then you're in for a treat!! Antonio Banderas eats up the role of a twisted doctor who -who -AW SCREW IT! I can't reveal the shocking truth about what this film is about!! See it, its freaky good!

Can DC Comics' Movies Ever Catch Up To Marvel's???

One of my favorite actors, Benicio Del Toro always ADDS TO whatever film he's in at the moment. Remember his too small role in Disney's lousy movie, 'The Last Jedi'? He played an unscrupulous arms dealer, willing to sell weapons to anyone -especially The First Order! Man, you could've done a whole series of movies on that character with Benicio playing it. Just one look at him and you wonder what that character has been through. If he gets into DC Comics' movies it'll help them because DC's films are in such bad shape it's ridiculous.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Not another terrible all 'females that wannabe males' movie!!! Hasn't Hollywood learned from bombs like the all female 'Oceans 11' and 'Ghostbusters'?? These idiots think they are actually catering to a demand for more female directed and starred in movies. But no one ever said that the movies need to be exclusive of males or show males WEAKENED. This is just more nonsense from people who don't understand feminism or from feminists who think they need to be men to be treated equal to them. Whichever is the case it's going to BOMB as well.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happens More Than You Realize...

She's goes out a winner, having achieved notoriety for her work at a young age. I won't weep too much because of that. Life is cruel -just remember, lots of babies die before birth, right after birth and many die as children. In that light you see, Mya is a winner. Most don't realize how lucky they are just to reach the ripe old age of 20.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

SHAZAM This Movie Review!

'Shazam's a decent, standard (meaning professionally orchestrated) Hollywood movie that's a bit in a rush to entertain you but succeeds in doing so. What I mean by this is that the jokes -and there are plenty of them -and the pacing of the lines and cutting are rapid fire. That's not a bad thing UNTIL it becomes noticeable which it does in this film. That being said, let's take a look at it in a categorical fashion:


As I hinted at above, the writing is pretty standard and the characters all follow some predictable character arcs with a couple of instances of emotional insencerity thrown in do this cookie-cutter plot. The story goes like this. A WIZARD, the last of 7 ancient WIZARDS who's job is to keep in check the 7 Sins (yep, the one's from the Catholic religion), in check -is dying. He needs to pass on his magic to a 'chosen one'. While seeking out this special person he offends a young man by the name of Thaddeus Sivana and then years later must deal with him after he returns to seek respect. Conveniently (plot wise) the Wizard finally finds someone he can entrust his powers to in the form of Billy Batson and transfers it to him --sans instructions on how to use them! Hahaha. Anyway we all know that this is a set up for the well worn super hero origin trope of the hero trying to figure out what powers he has and how to use them.Thanks to the witty, sarcastic rants of the hero's foster brother, Freddy Freeman, the scenes of power discovery and training or pretty funny and entertaining. The rest of the story is unoriginal that it hardly bears mentioning -SO I WON'T.


The visual direction of 'SHAZAM' is pretty basic. Nothing flashy here folks, just some good old, reliable camera set ups and special effects. CGI stuff looks pretty convincing and the cutting, pacing and flow of the action is good: most of the action is spontaneous and doesn't appear to be 'staged' like in a bad action movie. Also -be aware that there are some very, very violent scenes in this film which go great to counter the films heavy comedic lean. These scenes are downright brutal and chilling for a super hero film and when you see them you will know exactly which ones I'm talking about. In fact, now that I think about it, the director did a fantastic job bringing visions of true evil to life. True evil is rather merciless and you do get this impression when the '7 Sins' are freed from their frozen state as gargoyle-like statues inside the The WIZARD'S headquarters or lair and begin attacking ordinary people.

All of the actors are pretty decent and well chosen. I've always said that casting is the most important thing in visual storytelling. Actors have to not only be able to handle the emotional and intellectual manifestations of their characters but they also need to PROJECT THE CHARACTER'S MAIN QUALITIES OR ESSENCE WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. This helps in maintaining the all-important SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF in the audience. Shazam's actors mostly fit this bill quite well and in some ways they exceed it (speaking about the resourceful and flippant best friend / sidekick to Shazam -Freddy Freeman (played enthusiastically by Jack Dylan Grazer. He nearly steals the movie with his downright carelessness with testing the newly minted super hero's powers.)

So, all in all this is a movie is definitely a must-see for comic book movie producers and other professionals and for non-professionals as well. It's whole premise of a bunch of young kids gaining super powers is irresistible and provides enough material for a bunch of sequels that definitely would like to see (if they are done well, of course!)

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Wasted Beauty And Talent Leads To Tax Debt!

It's a damn shame that the famous Mel B (aka 'Scary Spice') never parlayed her great beauty into a film career after her pop group, 'Spice Girls' faded from view. Actresses with even lesser amounts of beauty have made the jump into the the visual storytelling scene and are making big bucks. Now Mel B has had to deal with accusations of non payment of taxes. But to her defense she has been seriously distracted. She's claimed that in all this time she's been dealing with abuse from her now ex husband Stephan Belafonte. You can't think about a career in acting while enduring psychological and physical abuse at home. That's why I always say that talent and skill mean little in reality. Luck is almost 100% responsible for a person's success. Of all the people that make it there's even more that failed to live through childhood or wound up with evil career destroying people in there lives. So don't sweat it if you fail at being a very successful visual storyteller of some sort in this life. Even doing a little MEANS YOU'VE SUCCEEDED compared to all of the others who haven't even gotten that far

Just look at this woman!! What man in his right mind would MARRY her and then ABUSE her??? Some guys out there are stupid as fuck and deserve absolutely nothing in this world! NOTHING. If you see a woman of this level of quality and she's being abused it's your job to take her away from that loser!! I've done this in real life. It don't take much to separate a beauty from a shithead. She just needs a little nudge --and she's yours! Date her yourself or hook her up with your buddy. Just rescue her!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Star Wars A New Hope Full Soundtrack!

Before Star Wars you couldn't get a kid (or many adults) within 20 miles of ANY classical music. Then after the movie debuted young people were rushing to the stores and buying up the Star Wars album like it was a Beetles recording!! Hahaha.  I was among them! Up until then I filled my days with Rock and Roll only! Well SW ended that. There were TV news spots showing the album flying out of music stores faster than they could restock them! From there us kiddies went to the other classics like Beethoven and  Wagner, etc. Wow, quite an amazing effect! If you've never just listened to the pure music of the soundtrack then you're missing out. And 'Princess Leia's Theme' belongs right up there with the greatest classical recordings in history (my humble opinion!)

YOUTUBE COMMENTATOR: "This is giving my ears a boner" -Sprite