Friday, March 15, 2019

Wasted Beauty And Talent Leads To Tax Debt!

It's a damn shame that the famous Mel B (aka 'Scary Spice') never parlayed her great beauty into a film career after her pop group, 'Spice Girls' faded from view. Actresses with even lesser amounts of beauty have made the jump into the the visual storytelling scene and are making big bucks. Now Mel B has had to deal with accusations of non payment of taxes. But to her defense she has been seriously distracted. She's claimed that in all this time she's been dealing with abuse from her now ex husband Stephan Belafonte. You can't think about a career in acting while enduring psychological and physical abuse at home. That's why I always say that talent and skill mean little in reality. Luck is almost 100% responsible for a person's success. Of all the people that make it there's even more that failed to live through childhood or wound up with evil career destroying people in there lives. So don't sweat it if you fail at being a very successful visual storyteller of some sort in this life. Even doing a little MEANS YOU'VE SUCCEEDED compared to all of the others who haven't even gotten that far

Just look at this woman!! What man in his right mind would MARRY her and then ABUSE her??? Some guys out there are stupid as fuck and deserve absolutely nothing in this world! NOTHING. If you see a woman of this level of quality and she's being abused it's your job to take her away from that loser!! I've done this in real life. It don't take much to separate a beauty from a shithead. She just needs a little nudge --and she's yours! Date her yourself or hook her up with your buddy. Just rescue her!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Star Wars A New Hope Full Soundtrack!

Before Star Wars you couldn't get a kid (or many adults) within 20 miles of ANY classical music. Then after the movie debuted young people were rushing to the stores and buying up the Star Wars album like it was a Beetles recording!! Hahaha.  I was among them! Up until then I filled my days with Rock and Roll only! Well SW ended that. There were TV news spots showing the album flying out of music stores faster than they could restock them! From there us kiddies went to the other classics like Beethoven and  Wagner, etc. Wow, quite an amazing effect! If you've never just listened to the pure music of the soundtrack then you're missing out. And 'Princess Leia's Theme' belongs right up there with the greatest classical recordings in history (my humble opinion!)

YOUTUBE COMMENTATOR: "This is giving my ears a boner" -Sprite

Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Spider-Sense Is TINGLING!! I Sense A LAWSUIT COMING!!!

FanATICS -you know those people who call themselves fans but really should be placed inside a mental institution -plan on making some sort of really serious MOVIE regarding the unmade 4th film of famed Spider-Man original trilogy director Sam Raimi. Now we've had a shit-load of Spidey films since the original Raimi trilogy and to tell you the truth, they weren't THAT BAD considering it was made by a bunch of Hollywood studio types that typically use comic books to wipe their asses with (You ever wonder why they can never get the costumes or stories just like they are in the comic books? Yep. That's why).

Well this is all just great news if you are a fanATIC. But if you are a Hollywood honcho it's not. Why? Because the higher the quality of fan films the more they involve professionals working on them. And the longer the fan film is the more it's like a real movie. To say it simply: you're no longer helping the studio advertise it's product with your amateur fan film but you are now a COMPETITOR.

And with all competitors in the visual storytelling fields you must be crushed. Sorry, it's nothing personal. But there's only so many dollars out there and each and every visual storyteller believes that those bucks look better in his fists than in yours. So, my spider-sense is tingling. I sense a lawsuit coming right at these guys.

Oh, by the way, this article is located at a shitty website. You know, one of those web sites where images and logos and crap follow you down the page where ever you scroll to. So my advice is to probably just type the same subject matter into your browser and Google another website -if this website is just too fucking annoying (which it is). It even crashed the browser tab it was on!!

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Trouble With A Good Idea...

Movie Pass' attempt at bringing subscription-style services to the chain movie theater business was at least admirable, if not poorly handled. The service has basically killed itself with misguided rules concerning how many movies a member to it's club can watch and at what price. And it failed to anticipate that their business model could be easily 'stolen' or done better by the theater houses THEMSELVES. Hahaha. I'm about a day from going to an AMC theater and getting me my $20 a month, 3 movies a week movie pass!!! Yaaay! I'm a kid again, watching a bunch of flicks in the movie theater like it was a TV set instead of the big screen!

Check out the full article here...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

It's Trademark Lawsuit Time! Just Who Owns Alita: Battle Angel???

There's a fight going on for the total rights to 'Alita: Battle Angel' even though there's a movie out on the subject right now. WTF. That mark has been in use for years BY ANOTHER COMPANY other than the one's that have made the movie.

How can this happen in this day and age of instant information checks?? Either there's a big misunderstanding between two companies or somebody's trying to walk over someone else (someone a lot smaller than them!)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Better Late To A Great Movie Than NEVER! CREED!!

Finally watched the well received boxing movie, 'CREED', and boy was that a good flick! Full of great scenes and superb, realistic 'street' dialog and emotions. Not a sappy 'scrappy loser makes good' tale but one where the struggle is emotionally difficult and the fall is always near -but the hero, famed (fictional) boxing champ, Apollo Creed's bastard son, Adonis Creed, vindicates his existence by following in the footsteps of the father he never knew. If you got the time (and the popcorn) you need to watch this movie. No nonsense great filmmaking!!! Can't wait to watch part 2 that came out at the end of last year [I'm so late to this 'Creed' film series-it's painful!]

Monday, January 21, 2019

Double Blows: 'Oscars So White' and '#Metoo' Movement Raise Questions Of Ligitamacy In Academy Award Contenders

Here's a well thought out article on how films can become embroiled in political movements and / or social causes (such as the 'Oscars So White' complaint) which may or in some cases may not ruin their chances of reaching a greater audience.

How Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody Became This Year’s Oscar Villains