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No One Throws Rocks At People Then Wonder Why They Are In Trouble

It's funny how you got people who would defend the actions of a bunch of older teenagers who threw huge rocks at cars and killing people in the process. But not everyone is an 'enabler' (someone that helps others commit crimes). If you read the comments section of this article you'll see how many people still know right from wrong. Throwing mini-boulders at cars is just plain murder. Not manslaughter. It's murder. No different then pointing a gun at a moving car, you know. Why we got to tip-toe around and call it something else plus make kids think they can kill and get away with it is just plain stupid as well. Besides, why do you think they do this sort of thing other than the fact that they feel they can get away with it??? Kids that touch fire know it's gonna burn them -most of the time the parents tell them that -but they touch it anyway. And get burned. So murdering teens should feel the burn as well. Real jail time for murder. Try them as adults.

 The Accused: No one looks mentally ill. No one's drooling out the side of his mouth.

The Victim: He was about to get married.

What President Reagan Had In Common With Uber: YOUR DEMISE

Don't blame illegal aliens for wanting to come to America because our politicians -wanting 'new Americans' to exploit, allowed them in. They could've stopped the flow from our borders AT ANY TIME. Truth is politicians working with businessmen wanted that cheap labor. Now their racist pals and non-racist concerned citizens are genuinely worried that THEY WILL REPLACE US. Especially with USA citizen birth rates at an all time low. But this is just fear for the most part -but like most fears it is rooted in a reality and that reality being that on an individual level, not a group level, individual Americans ARE BEING REPLACED.

When President Reagan made millions of illegal aliens into citizens he ENCOURAGED new illegals to try to come here and get the same thing. That's just human nature! Don't tell me they didn't see this occurring!! Now many of the safety jobs (dish washing, simple landscaping, light construction etc. etc.) are occupied by illegal aliens and if you need to make extra money on the side it's harder because of the extra competition. But don't think that illegal aliens are having a party. The American businessman still stiffs them too! They have to spend money here AND send money back home. Many of them are suffering and I see them homeless all the time here in California. No -our jackass politicians got us into this situation with their hatred of the American Tax Payer (YOU).

Don't be blindly loyal to any party, Democrat or Republican for they all want to replace you. And guess what's coming down the pipeline to finish us all off? The goddamn robots. They are smarter now and already can do the shit jobs and task in warehouses AND CAN FLIP BURGERS ON THE GRILL. And guess who's passing laws that allow these robots to be built and operated at the expense of human workers? Right. Your favorite politician. Look at the self-driving car industry, a dangerous ass thing from the start. Politicians already giving companies like Uber the ability to replace their human drivers with robot cars. Now where are those people who never thought they'd be taxi driving for a living in the first place going to find work?? More people on the welfare rolls,folks! More homeless Americans! More people not having babies because they can't afford it!

And in the end that's what the selfish to a fault rich man really wants (and his partner in crime, the selfish to a fault politician) and that's for you and me not to have any more poor babies on the welfare lines so they can stop paying us money for THAT TOO.

Ann Coulter Mocks Trump’s Dreamers ‘Amnesty,’ Calls Him A Jeb

Wage Slaves VS Citizens

With friends like these, who needs enemies? It's always give and take, Ann. Always. Especially with a wall that's stupid to begin with. How about a cheaper, virtual wall, Ann? How about putting those conservative values to work and helping change the President's mind by advocating the use of electronics even more than they are used now? Why so analog in a digital age, Ann? And why slam all immigration in general -after all it was a Republican (Reagan) that got us into this mess in the first place by granting citizenship to millions of illegals during his term in office and thereby encouraging more illegal aliens to make the journey here. Republicans act like illegal immigration is due to the Democrats. It's not. It's a Republican created situation nearly 100%. First they (and the Democrats) supported the businesses that exploited illegal immigrants and then when they got afraid of the numbers they (Republicans) now want to somehow kick them all out and blame the Democrats for not being 'America First' for their unwillingness to be so brutal. No, you're going to make the latest wave of illegal immigrants into CITIZENS (already happening in California where they have been given drivers' licenses -a citizen's right, among other citizen's advantages). And the illegal aliens that Trump kicks out now will come right back over the wall, or under it, or through it, or -whatever.

All back and forth hypocrisy with the American middle class the real target. Get cheap labor in here, pretend to not want it, have the middle class pay for them through higher taxes, make the cheap labor into citizens and restart the process again. Why? Because the cheap labor becomes voters that's why. Millions of new voters for whichever party 'helps' them the most. The Republican party got millions of new voters after Reagan made millions of illegal aliens legal. Now it's the Democrats turn. Meanwhile Mexico is raising it's minimum wage in some areas. That's going to have more of an effect on this whole border situation than any wall can ever have. And while we're on it, why not raise the minimum wage of the entire United States??? Nah! That won't happen because the Republicans and the Democrats all serve their real masters, the American Greedy Businessman. And the AGB needs slaves, not equals. 'Wage Slave' is the term. Give you just enough money to keep you from rebelling but not enough to make you into a dignified citizen.

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