Saturday, October 5, 2019

Weak Stories and Lack Of Captivating New Villains Means Bad Bond Movies

Legendary musician and cultural icon Grace Jones chipped into the already declining reputation of James Bond by walking off the set of the latest Bond movie after discovering how few lines she had in the scene / movie! This is the 3rd disrespectful act that industry personnel have leveled at the critically struggling James Bond franchise. From the story:

'It had already been thrown off course by the departure of original director Danny Boyle, who quit over a script dispute, in August 2018.

And earlier this month a mutiny erupted on set after his replacement Cary Fukunaga, 40, skipped filming to play on his PlayStation.'

Decades ago it would've been career suicide to dodge a Bond movie. Now no one is even worried about the repercussions! I would claim that they are simply rich, spoiled people but when was the last time that a James Bond movie got you excited??

I remember when Bond actor Peirce Brosnan complained to producers that the scripts weren't tough enough. Bond needed to be rougher! What did they do? They fired him then took his advice and hired Daniel Craig. Thus we got a rough looking Bond who was more physical too. But why fire the man who gave you the idea in the first place? Craig's good by mixing Brosnan's good looks with roughness would've made a more attractive and dynamic visual element if you ask me. Like watching a beautiful woman getting dragged through the mud. There's a huge amount of 'I can't look away' occurring. But with Craig, if he gets dragged though the mud it's like, "Oh, he can take that. He's rough (looking)."

 Grace Jones

 Grace Jones With Roger Moore And Tanya Roberts

Peirce Brosnan -The Handsome Bond

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