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My name is George Booker and years ago I worked in comic books for a short time and produced a few books, the most famous being Racer X # 1, Racer X The Graphic Novel and Speed Racer # 8, 9 and 11. I then moved on to animation while simultaneously working in advertising illustration -both as a storyboard artist. In the mid 1990's I worked on some popular TV shows such as Captain Planet, Swat Kats, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat.

Resume And Experiences of
George Booker

Comic Books
John Sable Freelance # 52 -1983 series (interior pencils)
Grim Jack # 57 -1984 series (Munden's Bar backup story, 6 pgs; pencils)
Rust # 3 (pgs. 9-18; pencils)
Rust # 4 (cover art only)
Rust # 6 (interior art; pencils)
Speed Racer # 8 (painted cover and interior pencils)
Speed Racer # 9 (painted cover and interior pencils)
Speed Racer # 11 (painted cover and interior pencils)
Racer X Graphic Novel (interior pencils)
Racer X # 1 (cover pencils and interior art pencils)  

Animation Storyboards
Gargoyles -Walt Disney
Bruno The Kid -Film Roman
Mortal Kombat -Film Roman
GI Joe Extreme -Graz
Swat Kats -Hanna Barbera
Sonic The Hedgehog -DIC
Captain Planet -DIC
Ghostbusters -DIC
Hurricanes -DIC
Double Dragon -DIC
Carmen San Diego-DIC
Exo Squad -Universal Studios  

Advertising Storyboards and Film Shooting Boards
Fox-On-Air Promotions
Buena Vista International
Melody Films
Paramount Studios
Universal Studios
Asher Gould
Team One
Ogilvy and Mather
Foot, Cone, and Belding
Rubin Postaer and Associates
Saatchi and Saatchi Los Angeles
Muse, Codero, Chen
Benenson Janson
Davis Ellen
Smillie Films
Hoffman Lewis
Rp Alpha Group
The Seiniger Advertising Group
Warner Bros. Advertising And Marketing
Carbo Films
Planet Blue
Davis Ellen
Walt Disney Studios
Creative Domain
and many others.    Motion Picture Storyboards and/or Concept Art:
Prayer of the Rollerboys (storyboards)
The Invisible Kid (storyboards)
They (concept illustration)
Biker Boyz (uncredited storyboards)


1985-1987: The American Academy Of Art, Chicago Illinois
Major: Illustration

1984-1985: Columbia College, Chicago Illinois
Major: Advertising and Design

1979: The Chicago Art Institute


1986: Recipient of the American Academy of Art annual art scholarship
1983: First place and Third Place at the Chicago Regional Industrial Exhibit for illustration.
1982: Grand Award in the Chicago Regional Industrial Exhibit for Illustration
1979: Chicago Art Institute 1 Year Scholarship Recipient
1975 to 1982: Other awards at smaller art contest in and around the Chicago area.

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