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MICHAEL (to assistant): "Here, you idiot. Take this check to the Mayor of this shithole city, Los Angeles."

ASSISTANT: "WTF!! It's a check for 180 Zillion dollars!!! What are you trying to do, buy the city??"

MICHAEL: "For an idiot, you sure can read minds. Yes, I AM buying Los Angeles. I need it for my next big movie, TRANSFORMERS VS GODZILLA. I'm going to destroy the entire city. No movie sets, no computer graphics. ALL REAL. All real explosives."

ASSISTANT: "Are you insane!? You can't do that! What about the people?"

MICHAEL: "L.A. is full of homeless bums and rich assholes. They'll save me money on extras when they get blown up too in my greatest movie yet! Now shut the fuck up and deliver the check! And then get back here and shine my track shoes! Or do I have to hire an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT to do that for me too? We got 2 million of them here, you know!"

ASSISTANT (fearful): "Y-yes, Mr. Bay. As you wish Mr. Bay!!"

If GODZILLA can save us from other monsters then what can save us from this tiny headed, BEER BELLIED, ill-conceived monster design of Godzilla himself??

Is Tori Spelling just an ugly girl trying too hard OR is she just an UGLY GIRL PERIOD?

From The 'Fuck This Guy' File

What's it like to date and lose the gorgeous action star KATE BECKINSALE in as little as 4 months? Just look at the over the top compensatory behavior of this young loser, Pete Davidson. First, she gave him a shot (she's older and more famous) and second, he failed to give up his public lifestyle to be with a more private (and in my opinion) more worth it woman. 

Feeling the loss he goes out and does something that a weeping loser does -HE BUYS UNHEALTHY MCDONALD'S FOR HUNDREDS OF STRANGERS. Can you feel the desperate cry for love from here, my FB friends? Hey, Pete! It's cheaper to blow your brains out with a rifle from Walmart (I know I would if I lost Kate B.)

 Sir Loser Of Micky-D's


Note: If I could make this picture as big as an American flag without costing me a pretty penny, I would.

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