Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Love Star Trek? You're Gonna Love This!

I've just finished watching 10 of 12 episodes of a fan-made production called 'Star Trek Continues' and it's one of the most thrilling series I've found on Youtube. Once you watch the first episode you'll be hooked! The characters may look similar or completely different compared to the classic TV show 'Star Trek' but those differences will melt away completely by the time you reach the 3rd or 5th entries mainly do to an incredible level of voice similarities and body language imitating by each of the shows great actors. Check this out and sit through it all if you can or go to my favorite episodes pictured below! 

Like the original series the scripts tackle modern day issues and does them in a gripping, edge of your seat way. 'Lolani' deals with the simultaneous issues of sexism against females and the evils of slavery and 'What Ships Are For' deals with illegal immigration in a way that's highly imaginative!! These two episode nearly made my jaw drop and any aspiring script writer / filmmaker would do himself a DISSERVICE by not watching them!! It all teaches the importance of seeking to master one's CRAFT before seriously considering oneself as being a 'professional'. 
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