V.S. News Roundup

Top Stories For Feb. 2019
Brad And Jennifer Back Together -Now I Can Die In Peace Pt 2. (Hey, this is important to a lot of people!)

Netflix Axing Marvel Shows Before They Get The Axe From Marvel's Owners -Disney!

The Lorena Bobbitt Story: If You Can Read While Covering Your Crotch -This Story's For You!  

Jennifer Lopez Pole Dancing In Next Movie -And Then Weekends Only After That!!!

Rob Liefield Movie Deal Terminated! Because of BAD ARTWORK??

Ben Affleck Made A Great Batman --Did His Battle With The Booze End His Career In Crime Fighting??

A Woman's Place -Is It In The Kitchen Or Out Fighting Super Villains?? OR BOTH

Brad And Jen Are Back Together -Now I Can Die In Peace (Pt. 1)

Top Stories For June 2012 - February 2019

Nothing happened in Hollywood or Bollywood or wherever during this time.

Top Stories For June 2012

David Arquette dumps Courtney Cox!

Justin Beiber seeks a new Mexican girlfriend!

In Britain We Trust (at least Warner Bros. does)

There's Nothing New Under The (Hollywood) Sun (Robocop reboot)

Celebrities Back Greenpeace To Save Artic From Corporations

Euro Union Reject Globa Copyright Agreement

Supreme Court Rules Against FCC TV Censorships

'Halloween' Actor Richard Lynch Dies At 76

Famed Sports Painter LeRoy Neiman Dies

It's Hot In Space Again When 'Barbarella' Arrives On TV

7 Ways To Save Comic Books

Angelina Jole Prepares To Rock Disney Villainess

Stan Lee Settles Pow Lawsuit

Swedish Supreme Court Rules That Manga Not Child Porn

Real 'Suicide Forest' Becomes Horror Film Focus'Brave' Director Talks About Pixar's First Female Hero