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Asgard's Wrath sounds like a winner! From the story:

Sanzaru Games made some pretty big claims about Asgard’s Wrath when it was first revealed earlier this year, calling it their “deepest title yet” and promising 30+ hours of first-person combat, dungeoning, and all of the RPG goodness you could hope for. And although the term ‘AAA’ has been bandied about, it seems the hype is mostly well-founded here: besides some fairly minor gripes, Asgard’s Wrath sets a new bar for VR-native RPGs.

By Odin's Beard! I'll Have Another Beer -And Two More For My Friends!

Holoride is making boring trips more exciting -BACKSEAT VR -not the same as 'backseat driver', I guess. I hope so...

Follow That Taxi!

Oh yeah, this is great! How VR + gaming has lowered the price for formerly expensive technology that can now be used to train doctors to work on difficult cancers worldwide!

Take Me To Africa while I Drink A Soda In My Living Room

Old Timers get to travel while sitting at home on their fat asses! Is virtual reality good for seniors that need exercise? I don't think so. But as in most things, moderate usage should make it okay.

Take Me Past The Old Folks Home

Kat Loco Technology Update
[and no, the girl doesn't come with the system]

Let Me Know If YOU SEE THOR In This 'Asgard's Wrath' Game!

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