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DC's New Character Impressed The Writer Of This Article But Why After Reading It Am I Not Concerned About Her Possible Demise Amid DC's Book Cancellations??

Perhaps because she appears to be 'TOO POWERFUL'. You know, in that extreme feminism vein in which the female can do anything a male can do -and DO IT BETTER. This Character, called 'The Silencer' appears to be able to beat even BATMAN in combat. Hmm. Reminds me of You Know Who: 'Rey' from 'The Force Awakens', who shows up and suddenly knows everything there is about the Force and can wield it like a Jedi Master.

Note the roughness of this illustration, especially those shitty 'buildings' in the backgrown on the left and near center. The figures are rather stiff in it's gestural elements. That's the trouble with comic books, so many unprofessionals working in it. So many 'kids' taking on the work of men (trained artists). Bad art = low sales (and what I mean by bad art is this: if your teenage son can do it then chances are it's untrained art being sold as 'professional').

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