Sunday, August 2, 2020

'The Commuter' Travels Past Bad Reviews In My Book

Just finished watching 'The Commuter', a movie that I read some bad reviews on many years ago so I decided to finally watch it. And you know something, it wasn't half-bad! The film suffers the most from a poor set-up (narrative wise), and near over-exposure of actor LIAM NEESON as the 'everyman action hero'. His demeanor is so ordinary that he could be anyone of us forced to put on brass knuckles to defend our lives or jobs or nation!

After I got over these disagreeable things I tried to enjoy the film. It had some very good close quarter combat -being that they are on a narrow train (of course). And one scene in particular was extremely well done -a fight scene where Liam's character fights an assassin. Liam eventually is swinging a guitar at the guy who wields and axe! This fight sequence made watching the entire movie worth it. Only problem though is there was a huge continuity error during it involving the placement of a gun on the floor. When you see it you'll know what I mean. But all in all I do recommend it especially if you are an action movie fans or a woman that loves to see men fighting in suits (girls actually like that stuff, guys!)

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