Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Star Wars A New Hope Full Soundtrack!

Before Star Wars you couldn't get a kid (or many adults) within 20 miles of ANY classical music. Then after the movie debuted young people were rushing to the stores and buying up the Star Wars album like it was a Beetles recording!! Hahaha.  I was among them! Up until then I filled my days with Rock and Roll only! Well SW ended that. There were TV news spots showing the album flying out of music stores faster than they could restock them! From there us kiddies went to the other classics like Beethoven and  Wagner, etc. Wow, quite an amazing effect! If you've never just listened to the pure music of the soundtrack then you're missing out. And 'Princess Leia's Theme' belongs right up there with the greatest classical recordings in history (my humble opinion!)

YOUTUBE COMMENTATOR: "This is giving my ears a boner" -Sprite

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