Thursday, February 28, 2019

My Spider-Sense Is TINGLING!! I Sense A LAWSUIT COMING!!!

FanATICS -you know those people who call themselves fans but really should be placed inside a mental institution -plan on making some sort of really serious MOVIE regarding the unmade 4th film of famed Spider-Man original trilogy director Sam Raimi. Now we've had a shit-load of Spidey films since the original Raimi trilogy and to tell you the truth, they weren't THAT BAD considering it was made by a bunch of Hollywood studio types that typically use comic books to wipe their asses with (You ever wonder why they can never get the costumes or stories just like they are in the comic books? Yep. That's why).

Well this is all just great news if you are a fanATIC. But if you are a Hollywood honcho it's not. Why? Because the higher the quality of fan films the more they involve professionals working on them. And the longer the fan film is the more it's like a real movie. To say it simply: you're no longer helping the studio advertise it's product with your amateur fan film but you are now a COMPETITOR.

And with all competitors in the visual storytelling fields you must be crushed. Sorry, it's nothing personal. But there's only so many dollars out there and each and every visual storyteller believes that those bucks look better in his fists than in yours. So, my spider-sense is tingling. I sense a lawsuit coming right at these guys.

Oh, by the way, this article is located at a shitty website. You know, one of those web sites where images and logos and crap follow you down the page where ever you scroll to. So my advice is to probably just type the same subject matter into your browser and Google another website -if this website is just too fucking annoying (which it is). It even crashed the browser tab it was on!!

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