Friday, February 10, 2012

ICv2 - 'Ghost Rider' Creator Owes Marvel $17 Grand

ICv2 - 'Ghost Rider' Creator Owes Marvel $17 Grand

Harharhar! Another sore loser! Don't create nothing for nobody! The guys who created "Blade" tried to sue and get their piece of the big ol' Marvel Pie too and LOST. If you work for these clowns (Marvel, DC, etc.) then look at them with a stupid look on your face when they ask you to create something and say, "Man. I'm not too good at that!" Meanwhile sit on your best ideas and wait for the day that you can publish it YOURSELF. The only time you create anything with anyone is after you check their personal references (to see if he or she is a decent person) and then get it all down on a lawyer examined contract that FAVORS you in some kind of way (to show you some f*cking appreciation).

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