Monday, February 20, 2012

Next Global Crisis

Next Global Crisis

Here's something interesting. Hot chicks and and super powers go together like convertibles and sunglassed blondes. This site tries to fill in the woeful gap left by TV shows like Wonder Woman, Isis, and a few others from back in the day. Why doesn't Hollywood get the message that sexy girls and tights every week is what we really want to see? Although I'm too afraid to purchase any of these videos yet (preferring to research this site a little bit more before I take the plunge -in order not to get ripped off. Hopefully these videos are SEXY too and not played too straight. Although I did view a clip they had on the site and I thought that the directing of said clip was too restrained or better yet, non-existent (the clip is shown above). The clip below is a little better and makes me want to see more...

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