Friday, February 10, 2012

ICv2 - Kirkman Sued By Longtime Collaborator

 ICv2 - Kirkman Sued By Longtime Collaborator

Harharhar! Never create anything for anybody. Better to dig a ditch for a living than to endure being ripped off allegedly by "friend" and watching them get all the money and the credit. Fame ain't worth that level of disrespect. It's better to be penniless and unknown than to watch someone sailing off into the sunset on a boat you helped build! Only create things with people who's personal references you've checked and include a contract that FAVORS you in some way. Then tell them to their faces that you won't hesitate to sue them when and if they breach that contract. I don't care if it's your freaking Mother. Look her in her eyes and tell her you'll sue the bra off of her if she betrays you. This way she knows she can't punk you because that's what this sh*t is really all about. PUNKING you. Show any signs of weakness and you can't take it back --ever! After that moment they consider you "weak" and no matter what fight you put forth they'll always see you as "weak" --and that's even after you successfully sue them. It's all about first impressions.

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