Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alex Ross Mock Rant

Alex Ross, you balding wannabe Norman Rockwell! Why don't you take your lost ass out of the comic book industry and set up shop in a art museum where all of that picture perfect (TRACED) crap you produce should be displayed at! I'll help you decorate by bringing some spiders and fake Halloween cobwebs! You give comic books a bad name by making it not hand drawn! You've mislead a generation of artist by teaching them that tracing and / or dependency on reference material is better than knowing how to draw from the imagination! Your boring, expressionless "KODAK MOMENT" images make me beg for the days when real cartoonist and illustrators ruled the comic book world. Your flashy, posed covers, with ACTORS that posed for you don't sell a comic book at all based on the storyline. They sell like someone seeking a beautiful picture to hang on the wall instead! You don't hang comic books on the wall, you READ THEM. The lack of spontaneity within your figure "tracings" or drawings, WHATEVER, kills the suspension of disbelief as I read (and get stopped by) the over-realized imagery that you ponderously conjured up. Your work is like your head, balding and without further consequence once it is done. A pretty picture above a fireplace -that's it! If I see ANOTHER PERFECT FLYING POSE I think I'll create my own my JUMPING OUT OF A WINDOW and killing myself. And if I get to Heaven (high expectations) and see a perfectly painted Jesus Christ done by YOU then I'm going to personally call Satan and see if he has any rooms available down below! FUCK YOU ALEX ROSS!

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