Saturday, January 21, 2012

Low Brow Comics

 What's wrong with comic books today...

I just came upon that rank amateur "artist" Jim Lee's Facebook page and found this piece of "art" with the accompanying high praise by a bunch of idiot fans. They alternatively called it "good" and "great" in so many words. Good and great compared to what? Certainly not compared to master artists like Neil Adams, John Buscema, or Gene Colan etc. etc. who's art the industry was built on. In fact, he draws no better than your average neighborhood teenager. Just looking at the ignorantly constructed arm, with those brutal unrealistic angles in it is enough to make anyone with a sliver of respect for the human form to wince in pain. Her face? What is it? Looks like someone took a brick to it. Doesn't look exactly like a face to me -it looks like a guess at one. And her hair? Doesn't look like ol' Jim knows what hair looks like at all because this "girl's" hair looks like crumpled paper. In fact she doesn't look animated at all, but looks like she was carved out of stone. The Emperor has no clothes on and everyone (his fans) praise his nudity as high fashion. Fake ass people. This reminds me of how people were throwing down thousands and thousands of dollars for abstract art at the height of that movement, then one day someone gave a paint brush to a chimp and compared the monkey's painting to the abstract artist and there was little or no difference. Same with "art" by the likes of Jim Lee. Compare it to a 15 year old's and you couldn't figure out who did it either, Jim or the 15 year old. On the other hand, a real illustrator's artwork is too advanced to be confused with the art of a teenager. Fuckin' sick shit is why comic book sales are so low. All the smart people aren't buying it anymore. How long has this guy been drawing? Decades with little or no improvement in his figure drawing ability. That's how you out a fanboy instead of a pro. There's nothing wrong with an amateur artist drawing a comic book but if he's still at the same level of an amateur YEARS LATER with no obvious sense of improvement, then he's not an artist at all He's just a fancy wannabe.

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