Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raising Your Standards To Raise Your Skill

Oft times the difference between good and great visual storytelling can be as personal as the debate between who was the best American pin-up artist. While Alberto Vargas (who's artwork is featured directly below) became the most widely recognized pin-up artist in American history many people felt that he was not the best...

They thought (and I agree) that the lesser known Gil Elvgren's pin up artwork (featured directly below) far surpassed that of Vargas'. This is a good lesson for visual storytellers who seek to master their craft. The determination of who is a master visual storyteller and who is simply good at it can become inverted by ignorant public opinions which are formed more by word of mouth instead of astute observations and comparisons between artist. The beginning or experienced visual storyteller should pick carefully who's work they choose to admire and view because that work will become a benchmark for their skill levels and they may not rise above it at all. Always seek out who may be BETTER and focus on them and your work will reflect the new height that you aspire to. Raise your standards and more often than not you'll raise your skills.

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